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In case you’re wondering wtf my new icon is, it’s Bart Allen aka Impulse from issue 8 (maybe 9) of Young Justice. He took a bad hit, semi-concussed himself and seeing Robin (Tim Drake) concluded he was Batman, this the pointy hair.

For all you Tweens and non comic readers who worship the cartoon, YJ was a comic that came out it the late 90s and ran for 54 issues with several specials. Superboy was a cocky womanizer. Robin was Tim Drake. Impulse had no ulterior motive and had grown up through video game learning so he had little to no attention span (and there was no kid flash!). Artemis was a villain and we had Cissie aka Arrowette who was a better character who had real life issues that could be related to. Cassie aka Wonder Girl was your average teen girl who crushed on Superboy. Secret (the ghost girl from that one episode) was part of the team AND SHE WAS DEEP AND ENTERTAINING. Red Tornado had a personality, emotions, and was a sassy sonova bitch and interacted with the team more often (he also has an adopted daughter who’d hang out with YJ). An the super cycle was awesome. If you love the cartoon you’ll die from laughing and crying reading the original source material that they butchered, as they combined it with the current (at the time) teen titans comics roster. So if you get the chance, go read it. Please.

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